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The long-empty site of the London Trocadero is being revamped into a hotel. Aimed at first-time visitors to London, the hotel will include plenty of fun amenities and budget-friendly options for young travelers. 
Using the shapes created by a bird's eye view of the Soho neighborhood—and colors inspired by its rock n' roll past—the resulting brand is vibrant and celebratory. The 'T' in the brand mark mimics the hotel's unique windows. Together the brand facets highlight the hotel's central location within London’s exuberant and creative entertainment district.
the process (above):
These are some sketches as I worked out the hotel's brandmark. Inspired by the classic monogram, I wanted to showcase the founding and reopening years of the hotel. I also wanted to highlight the hotel's centrality, and experimented with placing the hotel name in the center of a map. 
A responsive site for desktop and mobile (above): 
Recognizing that The Troc's target clientele skews younger, social media-savvy, and on-the-move, a responsive site is a necessity for booking and information. The site still utilizes the main brand graphic element of the Soho map blocks, and introduces the use of cheeky emoji icons to quickly convey options and amenities. 
student concept work
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