Red Wine & Blue is a grassroots political non-profit that rallies suburban women across the United States to vote for common-sense Democratic candidates in local, state, and national elections. The organization trains women in suburban communities to employ relational organizing to raise political awareness among a historically less active demographic. Leading up to the 2022 midterm elections, RWB focused their efforts on voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio.
As a freelance designer for RWB, I worked with copywriters and the creative content team to generate all manner of social media assets targeting a suburban demographic. In particular, I created illustrations and other graphic elements that the content team could later customize further based on their needs. 
Content Director: Beverly Batte
Copywriters: Lyndsey Quist, Rebecca Bramlett
Illustrations and GIFS (below):
While tackling consequential issues, RWB maintains a playfulness, evident in the organization's name. In requests for graphic elements and illustrations, I honored finding that joy with illustrations that have a handmade feel. These assets would then be customizable to whatever issue the content team was using them for, simply by adding text in the program of their choice.
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