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Galgos del Sol is a rescue in Murcia, Spain that saves hundreds of Spanish greyhounds (aka galgos) and other dogs from miserable fates. As the number of potential homes in Spain is comparatively limited, the organization has a network of rescuers within Europe, the UK, and the US, and is able to transport dogs to their new homes abroad. They want more people outside of Spain to know about their dogs, and to know that their dogs can and will travel for new homes. 
This campaign imagines the rescue partnering with a large international airport (London's Heathrow) to target summer travelers. Viewers experience travel from the point-of-view of the rescued hounds looking for homes, with playful illustrations and friendly serifs inviting travelers to learn more. 
the process (above):
I wanted to tug at the heartstrings of viewers without getting sentimental. Viewing travel through the eyes of a dog provides both empathy and comic relief.
student concept work
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